Estate planning can be a time consuming task that is often dreaded and avoided at all costs.  However, it is a process that yields great rewards if taken care of prematurely, rather than at a time when it is needed.  Estate planning is a preventative measure that allows you to organize your assets, listing your beneficiaries, and determining the kind of care that you wish to have at the end of your life.  Although an uncomfortable concept, Mr. Frangos makes the process simple, straightforward, and ensures that all your thoughts and wishes have been accurately represented.  


The area of Family Law can be a highly emotionally and mentally stressful experience for every person involved in the proceedings.  Mr. Frangos has served married, unmarried, and same-sex couples in divorce proceedings and child custody proceedings, as well as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  Although a time of great instability emotionally, physically, and economically, Mr. Frangos offers his experience to ensure that the rights and concerns of the spouse are properly and emphatically represented.  


Mr. Frangos has extensive experience in the area of personal injury litigation, ensuring that the common person is represented against the often intimidating insurance companies, or those who refuse to compensate for the damage that they have caused.  Although most high profile cases involve extensive injuries, it is often that what starts as a minor injury, eventually develops into a life-altering condition.  If you have been hurt or injured, Mr. Frangos will make certain that your rights and the rights of your loved ones are aggressively and methodically represented.


Mr. Frangos represents clients in all administration proceedings, including advising the client as to the procedure involved, preparation of the necessary paperwork, and organizing the estate’s accounting and records.  This representation includes not only the administrators of the estate, but also includes any beneficiaries that are entitled to a share of the estate.  Probate courts serve to regulate the administration of the estate following a person’s death, guardianship of minors, and conservatorships of incapacitated adults (SEE Conservatorships and Guardianships Below). 

There are often situations where a person passes away without leaving a will, which requires that their estate be represented to ensure that the beneficiaries of the estate are fairly and accurately represented.  When someone passes away with a will, the will itself must be proved to meet the statutory requirements to be valid, account for all the assets and property of the estate, pay any outstanding debts, and then distribute the remaining assets according to the terms of the will. 


Mr. Frangos has extensive experience in representing clients in conservatorship proceedings.  A conservator is usually a person(s), or an organization, that is appointed to protect and manage the personal care or assets, or both, of a person that has been found incompetent by a judge to do so.  The conservatee is usually the person requiring this assistance.  A representation in a conservatorship proceeding includes taking the client through the necessary steps in creating a conservatorship and guiding them throughout the conservatorship process.  Mr. Frangos pays considerable attention to the appropriateness of the parties involved in the conservatorship and is sensitive to the delicate nature of entrusting the life and estate of one person to another. 

A guardianship is created to oversee and take care of a child’s person and respective property.  The court appoints an adult, usually not the child’s parent, who ensures that the child is properly represented and taken care of.  Guardianships are created in instances when the child has been abused or is not properly taken care of by their parents.  The guardian of the child essentially takes on the same duties as if they were the child’s parent.   


Legal issues involving real estate can include commercial and residential real estate.  Areas include buying and selling of properties, contracts, conveyancing, land contracts, homeowner’s association, and construction contracts.  Mr. Frangos was a Real Estate Agent prior to becoming in attorney and has been involved in Real Estate since 1977. 


Unlawful detainers involve disputes between a tenant and landlord with regards to payment of rent, fulfillment of duties owed to each respective party and other assorted conflicts.  Mr. Frangos has extensive experience with matters involving unlawful detainers, also having served as a Judge Pro Tem for the County of San Mateo for many years.  Although some actions may be complex, Mr. Frangos utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience in efforts to settle cases out of court.  If settlement is not an option, Mr. Frangos brings over 20 years of trial experience to bring the matter to closure in favor of his clients.

Although most unlawful detainers involve conflicts with real and commercial properties, Mr. Frangos also helps advise clients in the drafting of leases, dealing with tenants that have abandoned or caused damage to the premises, as well as other in preliminary matters.  Mr. Frangos makes certain that the rights of his client are not ignored or abused.  


Wills and Trusts are effective tools of protecting your assets and ensuring that they are distributed in accordance with your detailed wishes.  Wills serve to avoid complex litigation involving family members and beneficiary disputes, and that your distribution wishes are honored.  Trusts can serve to protect property and assets during and after life, by providing protection from taxes, preserving the value of the estate, precluding probate costs, and ensuring a consistent source of income for the beneficiaries. 


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